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The world's largest 3D asset library for VDBs and VFX Elements!

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Motion Lab VFX 3D Assets VDB

World's First and Biggest VDB Library

Motion Lab has the largest collection of VDB and VFX assets available with over 2,000 diverse options for you to choose from. Unlock your creativity by spending time creating art instead of wasting endless hours simulating complex elements. We'll take care of that for you.

Just browse our drag and drop ready assets and leave the simulating and caching to us. Let's make something epic together!

Pricing Flexibility

Not only do we have the largest library of 3D assets available, we also have the most reasonable prices as well!

You have two options: purchasing individual assets or joining our subscription and instantly unlocking all 2,000 plus assets! Drag and drop ready, premium 3D assets in dozens of categories, with free updates every month. You'll be ready for anything your client asks!

Our Assets Work in Nearly Any Software

Create Without Limits

Motion Lab VFX 3D Assets VDB

A Better Way

Are you tired of learning a million pieces of software and needing to be a master of everything? Our industry is moving so fast that it feels like we're spinning out of control. You shouldn't have to become a master level artist in dozens of applications and disciplines. That's not fair, and it's too much to ask from anybody.

We are an Emmy award winning team of VFX artists who eat, sleep, and breathe VFX and simulations, so you don't have to worry about it! You don't have to be an expert in everything. Offload some of the stress and let us supply you with beautiful assets that will amaze your clients. You can focus on the art, not becoming a fluid or simulation expert.

It's simple: 1. Purchase a plan. 2. Captivate your clients. 3. Sleep well with a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked, and nothing to lose.

If you join Motion Lab, you can take some of the work off your plate, impress your clients, regain some peace of mind, and finish deadlines with enough spare time to perhaps go have a life! If you don't, then you will go back to trying to keep up with every piece of software and discipline with no relief. Don't be a hero, we're here to help!

Go from stressed out and burned out to saving time, hitting deadlines, and delighting your clients. Let's build epic things together!

I gotta say, the VDBs that I’ve used so far are unbelievable. The realism and detail are amazing!
Ben Carlton
3D Artist
Firstly, love the quality. Second, love how these packs save me a ton of time, allowing me to focus on other areas of my workflow. Much easier to pull from a well made pack vs doing your own particle sims.
Christopher Schultz
Motion Designer
A brilliant product - having something that is a pain to setup and turning it into a drag-and-drop experience!
Rory Cubby
3D Artist