Frequently Asked Questions

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Motion Lab is the premiere online source for thousands of VFX and Motion Design 3D assets. We have the largest collection of 3D assets in the world!

We do all the up front work of designing, simulating, caching and packaging 3D assets so you can simply select one, download it, drag and drop it into your projects and enjoy the process! Your clients don’t need to know, we won’t tell them!

Our assets are a mixture of .vdb files, .abc (Alembic) files and .obj model files. We use these formats because they can be used by nearly any 3D application or render engine.

This includes all major software: Cinema 4D, Maya, Houdini, 3ds Max, Blender, Unreal and more. This also includes render engines like Octane, Redshift, V-Ray, Corona, Arnold etc.

Each product has a Read Me in the download with some tips and tricks for using the asset. Also, we have some information below for how to use VDBs if you need more info.

We wrote up a full how to guide with tutorials and best practices for using VDBs and how to set up fire and explosion settings etc.

Read the article here: www.thepixellab.net/how-to-use-vdbs

We have monthly subscription options as well as an annual option with a huge discount. Once you sign up you will unlock the entire library which is filled with thousands of 3D assets in dozens and dozens of categories. You can simply search through the library and download whatever you want!

For the individual license we have a 50 asset per day limit and for the studio license we have a 150 asset per day limit. This is just to ensure we don’t have issues with piracy.

If you need more downloads you can e-mail our team directly and we will help you out. This is just to make sure we don’t have pirates downloading our whole library and making our server costs unsustainable.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, license, copy, sell, gift, transfer, share, resell or exploit the assets in any way. These are for your work, not for re-distributing in any way.

If you purchase the appropriate subscription option for your studio size, you can simply share the subscription with all the artists on your team, no problem!

If you cancel your Motion Lab subscription, you may still use the assets that you downloaded for projects you were working on during your subscription.

If you had a subscription and use an asset for a project, you can go back and update that project without any problem even after canceling the subscription.

You can’t use those downloaded assets in any new projects if you cancel your subscription, however.

We want you to be 100% happy, and we believe in our products. If you want a refund and are not happy, simply e-mail our support team and we will get you a refund with no questions asked. This is a 30 day money back guarantee!

Yes, The Pixel Lab is our sister site. We have packs of 25-50 assets available for sale there as well as other material packs, motion design resources, freebies and tutorials.

Motion Lab is a sister site we created specifically for our 3D VFX assets so it’s easier to preview assets and purchase them with individual or subscription options.

Make sure you have fast internet! VDB files can be quite large. Some of our most complex assets can be more than 50 gigs each! A small handful even push 100 gigs! So, be aware that downloading will require fast internet and a little bit of time!

We can help! Use the contact page to message us and we can hook you up with a subscription discount based on the purchase amount you’ve made at Pixel Lab.

Awesome set of VDB’s, just opened one and it already looks like I will be using them a lot. Thanks for your amazing work and keep it up!
Sven Jansen
Digital Animation Illustrator
I have found these very easy to work with which is great because I am no expert by any measure. I was able to get results I never thought I would. I’ve bought a lot of products that promised quick and easy results with 3D software but I’ve always been disappointed.
Robert Randle
3D Designer
OMG! These are out of this world! Great products. I’m super exited to start adding these to some new projects.
John Svanberg
3D Artist